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  • Murch


    Bitcoin enthusiast, interested in UTXO management and coin selection. Contributor to Bitcoin StackExchange.

  • James Prestwich

    James Prestwich

    Founder @ Summa | Ethical Software Activist | Curry Enthusiast | Formerly Founder @ Storj

  • Antonio Salazar Cardozo

    Antonio Salazar Cardozo

    Half Colombian, half Greek, half crazy. Head of Engineering at @thesis_co and @keep_project . Strive for sophrosyne.

  • Eban Bisong

    Eban Bisong

  • Matt Luongo

    Matt Luongo

    Project lead @keep_project. Founder @fold_app. Husband and new dad.

  • Mike Hearn

    Mike Hearn

  • Luis Ferrer-Labarca

    Luis Ferrer-Labarca

    Jack of all Trades. Startups, tech, and business development.

  • Zach Bloomquist

    Zach Bloomquist

    Co-Founder @ BitCraft.io. Interested in new applications of cryptocurrency, performance, and in making the best dang products possible.

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